Financial Planning

Building your personal wealth and education planning

Financial Planning

To us, Education and knowledge =’s empowerment which helps you to achieve power and confidence over time in all aspects of your life.

Throughout the years, we have found that true transformation amongst our clients has occurred when they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  In other words, many clients have come to our firm after they had experienced a substantial increase or change in their income structure and due to poor tax strategy and planning they got hit with a large tax bill which many did not have the ability to pay it in full when due.

For many of them they were hungry and malleable for transformation not just change.  This is where ECJ has come in and helps them to identity their inner power (ie, Intellectual Property), utilize it, maximize it and if possible monetize it within their “Empire” Structure.

Our firm’s goal on a daily basis is to strive to accomplish this by teaching our clients how to recapture their empowerment, confidence and belief that they truly have input and reasonable control over their own destiny and tax liability each year.

Over the years, our firm has used various weapons of education and knowledge to help our clients maximize their tax planning strategies and game plan to increase their overall net worth both from a financial and non financial perspective.

Some of our tactics that we find to be quite effective and efficient include showing our clients how powerful passive residual income can be, utilizing other people’s money, maximizing the use of transactions that you are going to do anyway, with the goal of working smarter and not harder!!